Contemporary restaurant & grill bar by the Lake Ozolnieki

Restaurant - Grill bar

If you wish to get together with friends, with a partner or spend quality time alone, our cozy restaurant - grill bar will be perfect for you. Here you can taste your drink at a table, sit on the shore of the lake in a comfortable bean bag chair or rocking chair, watch the sunset from the roof terrace or bathe your legs in the lake, with a cup of hot tea in your hands. You will find the most suitable option for yourself and your friends starting from coffee to cocktails for every hour of the day, special occasions and your taste. 

But, if you wish to enjoy a tasty meal as well, be informed that we are the only restaurant - grill bar with a charcoal grill and open-plan kitchen in Jelgava district. You can observe the cooking process of your meal from the very beginning - our cooks are experts in their art with bright imagination in food presentation. And we do not just grill the meals, we grill each ingredient of our meals on a real charcoal grill that enables you experience outstanding taste nuances.

If you wish to reserve a table or organize a larger celebration - call us at +371 23884400!