Cooked on a charcoal grill


Beef Tartare  10,90

Avocado Tartare with Grilled Shrimps, Lightly Toasted Home-made Bread and Herb Oil  9.70/7.50*

*vegetarian option

Burrata Cheese with Locally Grown Tomatoes and Walnut Pesto  8,00

Cured Salmon Starter with Seaweed Salad and Mango Purée  10,70

Caesar Salad

•  with Grilled Chicken Fillet  7,20 

•  with Shrimps  7,90

•  with Bacon  6,50

Oysters  3,50/apiece

* please ask the waiter about the offer, available from Thursday to Sunday 

Starter Plate for 2/4 persons  9,80/18,00

Prosciutto, Fuet, Chorizo, Brie, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Olives, Pickled Artichokes, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Nuts, Berries, Breadsticks, Fruit-mustard Jam


Mussels in White Wine Sauce with Garlic Bread  9,80

Mozzarella Sticks  4,80

Calamari Rings  4,80

BBQ chicken wing with garlic-herb dressing  8,30

Fritto Misto di Mare (Fry Seafood Selection) with a White Wine Dressing  12,70

Hot Chicken Liver Salad with Wine-marinated Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese  7,90

Hot Octopus Salad with Fried Potatoes, Chorizo and Capers  9,80

Seafood Pasta  8,20


French Bouillabaisse  8,50

Chef’s Soup of the Day  5,50
* please ask the waiter about the offer 


Vegetarian Spinach and Buckwheat Burger with French Fries  10,50

Slow-cooked Leg of Lamb with Potato Mash and Red Wine and Fig Sauce  13,50

Risotto with Seafood and Parmesan Cheese  9,80

Vegetarian Risotto with Sugar Peas, Spinach and Parmesan Cheese  9,80

Fish and Chips  11,90


Locally Grown African Catfish Fillet with Roast Pumpkin and Carrot Mash, and White Wine Sauce  13,90

BBQ Ribs with a Side of Your Choice  13,80

The White Beef Burger with Mustard Sauce, Onion Marmalade and French Fries  9,50

Beef Tenderloin Steak with Red Wine Sauce and Butter-fried Vegetables  17,50

Salmon Fillet with Puree of Parsnip and Apples, served with Sauce of White Wine and Sweet Cream  13,10

Chicken Skewer with a Side of Your Choice  8,30


French Fries  2,50

Sweet Potato Fries 3,50

Butter-fried Vegetables  3,50

Potato Mash  3,50

Fresh Vegetable Salad  3,50

Extra sauces

Sour Cream  0,30

BBQ, Garlic, Sweet Chilli, Mayo, Ketchup  0,50

Mustard-Cucumber Sauce  0,70

Sour Cream, Garlic and Herb Sauce  0,70

Cheese Sauce, Truffle Sauce  1,00


Selection of Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Fresh Berries  3,30

Special Cake or Dessert of the Day  5,50

*ask the waiter about the offer

If you require allergen information, please ask the waiter.

10% service charge added to groups of 10 or more.